CSCA Letter from the Board – January 2022

2021 was a challenging year on several fronts for both sporting clay shooters and clubs. The ammunition shortage situation certainly did not help – clubs were reluctant to even bid for the 2022 state shoot until they could confirm enough ammunition availability to support shooters who might want to travel, and shooters didn’t want to travel unless they knew they could acquire ammunition. Fortunately, that did get resolved for this year and as you’ve no doubt already heard, Quail Point in Zamora, CA will be hosting this year’s CA State shoot. There was some confusion about the state shoot shared on social media sites. If you saw this and were confused, please understand that per the bylaws the board is directed to 1) attempt to alternate between NorCal and SoCal clubs for awarding the state shoot and 2) historically has not promoted any state shoot until the hosting club has finalized all shoot details. Registration is now open on and you can check out this websites State Shoot section for updates – we hope to see you there! (At the time of this newsletter, the Quail Point State Shoot Flyer is not yet available, but it will be posted here as soon as we get it.)
2021 had us scrambling right out of the gate on a few other fronts. We had two board members move out of state unexpectedly and three others resign for various personal reasons. Hence there were a couple months where the few remaining of us were working hard just to get up to speed on taking over the duties of the vacated positions. Fortunately, we had several good folks step in to help and the vacated positions have been filled. Your current board membership is posted on the CSCA website: (Note that we cannot replace national delegates that resign or terminate, so that is why we are currently only at 4 national delegates.)
2022 is an election year for both National delegates and CSCA Board of Director members, both will begin serving January 1st, 2023 for 2 year terms. Your full board is comprised of 5 national delegates and 7 elected members. If you would like to become more involved, keep an eye out for an email from the NSCA around mid-June regarding the delegate elections. You’ll need to fill out the application and have 5 active CSCA members endorse you, then you will be placed on the ballot. Voting usually occurs sometime in July.
Once the national delegates have been elected, your board will hold its general election for directors. Any CSCA member in good standing and at least 18 years of age can run. Stay tuned for an announcement on our CSCA website in August with information about how to get your name on the ballot. This years CSCA BOD election will be via electronic means. Note that both the NSCA and CSCA communicate with you via the email address you provide to the NSCA with your other account information, so please make sure that information is current and correct. We do get several bounces every election cycle due to inactive or incorrect emails. Again, we will post announcements on the CSCA website.
I would like to ask you all to take the time to thank your local clubs for hosting the shoots they do!  It’s very often a thankless job for them as it’s become too common for shooters of differing abilities to complain about targets being too hard or too easy. Clubs put a lot of time and effort into creating a good shoot for a wide range of shooters. Please keep in mind that clubs are businesses and need to make a profit throwing shoots for us. We want them to be happy with us too, because without them we’ll have no place to shoot.
Your board wishes you good health, happiness and a lot of fun shooting in 2022!